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About this series:

I first traveled to Port-au-Prince six months after the earthquake and was alarmed to witness the countless buildings that lay ripped open at the seams. When I returned to Haiti again - one year after the earthquake - most of the rubble remained untouched.

The buildings that remained standing were painted in bright colors, but the rubble blighted the city with ominous gray. It was a physical reminder of the immense human suffering that the earthquake set into motion: death, displacement, and disease.

As an artist, I sought a way to respond to this place. Along with a number of Haitian collaborators, we decided to embellish some concrete ruins with paint. We saw this graffiti as a way of honoring the fallen buildings – and the people that they once housed – with one last moment of hued radiance.  Our intent was akin to laying flowers on these unmarked graves. 

The paint is also a way of re-imagining the future of this city, when new colored buildings will one day line the streets again.

These pieces are also a quiet protest - an expression of frustration at the slow rate of reconstruction in Haiti.  The crippling amount of rubble is testimony that to the fact very little of the help promised by the world has reached the residents of Port-au-Prince. These pieces are temporary; my hope is that the rubble will soon be removed and they will disappear.

This series was created in collaboration with: Rodolph LaPointe, Peterson Baptiste, and Moise Saintime.