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About this series:

This series explores ideas about identity in the genomic era – how these tiny DNA molecules that hold such detailed pieces of information change our understanding of the nature of life. These bitty twisted ladders are not only individual blueprints for our bodies, they are also the fortune teller of our predestined fates and the storybook of our collective evolutionary past.

I am particularly fascinated by genetics because I have a very large extended family - we are like one big heritability experiment. I love the paradox of the genetic bond we share, a bond that feels simultaneously powerful and puny. In unpredictable patterns we share superficial traits, personality quirks and proclivities for disease. Our genetics are a blessing and a curse; in my artwork I trace the journey of my growing understanding of these pregnant metaphors for how we think of ourselves and each other.

These artworks began as photographs of my "blood relatives." In the photos I included the face and hands as the signature of the unique individual. I painted on top of the photos and included bits of scientific notations: DNA, chromosomes, mRNA, nucleotides, etc. I use the process of borrowing, changing, and duplicating visual information because it resembles the molecular process of fragmentation, mutation, and replication of the DNA strand. The beautiful mess of creation, of which we are all a part.